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Mitchell Brown/John Wiese
Blue Orange 7-inch
HEL 99086
Numbered and stamped edition of 20


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Mitchell Brown/Ariel Rosenburg/John Wiese, live at The Smell, January 4, 2020. Photo by Cameron Murray

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Sissy Spacek “Pitched Intervention” LP
Recorded in Los Angeles in February 2018 and consists of two sessions with Don Bolles (The Germs) and Mitchell Brown (Gasp), and one session with Mitchell Brown and Joseph Hammer (Solid Eye, Joe & Joe, LAFMS). CD edition is long sold-out!



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FREE! MONDAY NIGHT! It’s The Don Bolles SEMI-SECRET GLAMBIENT BIRTHDAY PREQUEL! This one happens on my Actual Birthday (July 30th), in the back studio @ Gnar Tapes, 3436 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, right after Monday’s GLOSSOLALIA radio show (6-8PM on KXLU, Los Angeles & www.kxlu.com), and it’s gonna be a psychedelic / Glambient affair, with some of the premiere superstars of LA Glambient!

TELECAVES! What the Shangri Las would have been like, if they were actually Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram under that gigantic hair! Tripped out soundscapes of frightening beauty and cacodemoniacal noise, emanating directly from the brilliant alien brains of Juliette Amoroso and her associate, Elaine Carey!

SISSY SPACEK! John Wiese’s enduring and constantly mutating noise / glambience project, often a “noise-rock” band par excellence, this time a more subtle electro-acoustic experiment, involving SS co-conspirators Professor “Mitchell Brown” Cantaloupe and Don Bolles, along with Our Leader, Mr. Wiese, Himself!

NO-RA KEYES (& Heavy Friends)! No-Ra is, along w/ Birthday Kid Bolles, Lead singer and co-creator of LA’s Glambient Rock pioneers, FANCY SPACE PEOPLE (FSP are playing Tuesday night at Don’s other Birthday bash @ Highland Park Bowl!), and also a She-manic Psychedelic Warrior known for her insanely beautiful and unique sonic excursions into the unknown vistas of Fancy and regular Space-time, often performing live soundtracks to various beloved abstract films w different musicians helping her realize her strange and compelling instant compositions and songs from her vast catalogue of solo works. Think Bobb Trimble meets Tiny Tim, the Lady in the Radiator, and My Bloody Valentine in a quiet Rococo space garden, far, far away from everything that sucks.

Tho not “Officially” performing, Don and the Professor will be DJing in between all the things, spinning a tangled web of Glossolalia-style spacewarp soundscapes and Junkshop Glam / Bubblegum 45s, for your convenience and protection, of course!

GIANNA GIANNA! You don’t earn the nickname “Yoko Charro” by being normal or boring, and that’s only where Gianna Gianna starts! Where it ends up is waaaaaay out there, someplace only accessible thru attending one of Gianna’s explosive, inexplicable, and strangely satisfying performances!

The GNARTAPES dudes! They’ll all be there, too, fresh from their new Comedy Central TV show, to keep an eye on all of the miscreants partying in their recording studio and back yard, and to dispense the various refreshments etc. Rumor has it that there will be a special tea that will turn any drab, normal person into a real “fungi”… or as Mr. Spock would say, “Highly Mycological, Captain!” John Cage would heartily approve!

And don’t forget the more rockin’ FSP show/ birthday event Tuesday @ Highland Park Bowl (also FRREE!)

Monday, July 30 at 10 PM

Gnar Tapes
3436 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, California 90065

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Sissy Spacek “Pitched Intervention” CD (Helicopter)
Recorded in Los Angeles in February 2018 and consists of two sessions with Don Bolles (The Germs) and Mitchell Brown (Gasp), and one session with Mitchell Brown and Joseph Hammer (Solid Eye, Joe & Joe, LAFMS).

Sissy Spacek “L/L” CD (Helicopter)
Recorded on Sissy Spacek’s ensemble tour in January 2018, combining sets from Louisville with Tim Barnes, Bret Barry, and Margo Morley, and Lexington with Robert Beatty.


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Mitchell Brown and John Wiese at Human Resources, Los Angeles, October 15, 2016. Photo by Jay Howard

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Mitchell Brown and John Wiese at Human Resources, Los Angeles, October 15, 2016. Photo by Suzy Poling

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live in concert


Saturday, October 15 at 9 PM
Human Resources
410 Cottage Home St, Los Angeles, California 90012

donate eight
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Robert Beatty (Lexington, Kentucky)

Concurrent to crushing noise-rock norms and jockeying shattered electronics in Hair Police, Robert Beatty has – over a decade and a half – also cut a solo path of pulses and tricks under the guise of Three Legged Race. These underground sounds have been spooled by tape labels crucial to their times: Gods of Tundra, Night People, NNA, and Vitrine. More frequent live appearances and Beatty’s Soundtracks for Takeshi Murata have brought his sounds to more ears and his name to more lips. An apparent insistence on cassette and vinyl for physical releases hint at the technology-stretch at play in all of his work. Like the globally recognizable album art Beatty has created for others, his own electro-sonics blur the line between analog artifact and digital method. And this ambiguity is intrinsic to his era-less weirdness: mystery mindscapes that can evoke The Residents or alternately offer a fully twisted take on contempo fake-techno. This is Beatty’s first show in Los Angeles in three years and his first in town since shedding the Three Legged Race moniker for live performances in favor of his own name.

Mitchell Brown/John Wiese

Cuts and folds and layers of sound; abstractions that suggest referent but defy recognition. Words fail, but still these here do loosely approximate audio aspects of two perennial figures of experimental music activity in Los Angeles. Mitchell Brown’s seemingly ubiquitous presence performing live has brought his analog alchemies and head expansion techniques to the front of the class as Professor Cantaloupe and as a next-gen LAFMS exponent. John Wiese’s digital incisions and perpetual bricolage have laid a concrète path from the extremities of the American underground, around the earth, and to the studios of INA-GRM. Duo collaborations are core to each of these system-riggers, and – of course – they are no strangers: the Superstitious cut on Wiese’s mid-career chronicle Deviate from Balance documents an early aughts meeting between the two, and they have collabed live with each other in various Spacek ensembles and Smegma connected jams. Yet, the two haven’t paired up for a live action in nearly a dozen years. Come hear the air tear.

Smokey Emery

Barely within sight, darkness swallows a shadow at the far end of a long corridor, leaving only a cascade of echoes. Such are the dank dreamstate atmospherics conjured by Smokey Emery, a long running project of Houston-born artist Daniel Hipólito. An itinerant accumulator of sound, he coaxes a mix of soundscape fragments and material decay from prepared tape loops snaking through a apparatus of vintage dictaphone, reel-to-reel, and cassette decks. Synthesis and rhythm also work their way into the flow, as has been captured on recent releases on Holodeck and Chondritic Sound. With Hipólito’s re-location to Los Angeles from Texas, Smokey Emery has begun to be more readily visible diffusing sound into rooms around town.


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1972 年から現在まで
LAFMS こと Los Angeles Free Music Society と

それは Los Angeles を表す言葉。
“Dreamers” を意味する夢衆をそこに融合。
もちろん LAFMS の方々を指しています。

会場の TOKI ART SPACE は 1977 年と 79 年に
LAFMS の中核である Joe Potts の個展を

LAFMS の音楽を常時紹介するなど

期間 – 8 月 21 日 (木 ) ~ 24 日 (日)
時間 – 11:30 ~ 19:00 (24 日のみ 16:00 終了)
場所 – 〒150-0001


Mitchell Brown, Chip Chapman, Sue Chapman, John Duncan, Ace Farren Ford, Kazuo Fuijimoto, Juan C. Gomez, Takayuki Hashimoto, Joseph Hammer, Doug Henry, Atsushi Horiki, Hideo Ikeezumi, Michael Intriere, Kazuya Ishigami, Kosuke Kawamura, Jun-icki Kawara, Katsuyoshi Kou, Krystine Kryttre, Kiyoharu Kuwayama, Paul McCarthy, Dennis Mehaffey, T. Mikawa, Chie Mukai, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Rick Potts, Tom Potts, Tom Recchion, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Reizen, Jonathon Rosen, Takuya Sakaguchi, Harold Schroeder, Migiwa Shimitzu, Jackie Stewart, Ken-ichi Takeda, Steve Thomsen, Shizuo Uchida, Vetza, John Wiese, Noriko Toki

8 月 23 日に下記メンバーが演奏を行います。
時間は 14:00 ~ 16:00。
ユニット名は “Orchestra Le Matin”。

Takayuki Hashimoto, Katsuyoshi Kou, Toshiji Mikawa, Atsushi Reizen, Migiwa Shimizu, Shizuo Uchida

そして Takuya Sakaguchi。


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Four new Sissy Spacek CDs from Gilgongo: Dash/Anti-Clockwise, Rip, Freaked With Jet, and Grisp. Available together for $25ppd US/$35ppd World or digital download. Dash is also still available on LP from Gilgongo for $12ppd US/$20ppd World.

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Sissy Spacek – Half Life
Lathe 7-inch, numbered edition of 15.
Recorded January 2011 at Dublab, Los Angeles, California.
Mitchell Brown, Jesse Jackson, Aaron Hemphill, Peter Kolovos, Rick Potts, and John Wiese.

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Sissy Spacek – Sepsis CD (Second Layer, UK)

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Sissy Spacek – Sepsis CD out now from Second Layer, UK, featuring Mitchell Brown, Joey Karam, Peter Kolovos, Rick Potts, Damion Romero, Corydon Ronnau, Shannon Walter, and John Wiese.

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Recording session 2009.

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Sissy Spacek, 15-Tet Oakland at 21 Grand, Oakland, California, August 14, 2008

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