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Sissy Spacek
Ways of Confusion
Nuclear War Now! Productions

Although Nuclear War Now! is primarily known for its output of black and death metal, as well as thrash and doom to a somewhat lesser extent, the label has on occasion ventured outside of this tendency when something particularly worthy has caught its ear. Such is the case with its release of Sissy Spacek’s “Ways of Confusion,” an album comprised of thirty-nine tracks of savage, unrelenting grindcore/noisecore, which serves as the follow-up to 2016’s “Disfathom.” The band’s current composition includes two members, John Wiese and Charlie Mumma, whose combined history boasts an impressive level of involvement in grindcore, noise, metal, and other related genres. Along with being the founder of Sissy Spacek, Wiese (bass/electronics/vocals) has performed and collaborated consistently across the American and international underground. Mumma (drums/vocals) was previously linked with NWN! as the drummer and a vocalist for Knelt Rote on its 2010 album, “Insignificant,” and its brilliant 2012 follow-up, “Trespass.” This duo’s collective breadth and depth of experience now manifests itself in Sissy Spacek´s thirtieth full-length album (depending on how you count), which is hereby released in the 20th anniversary year of the band´s prolific existence. Whereas many of the uninitiated would consider such an extensive discography a daunting task to investigate, there is no better point of departure than the present in this case. “Ways of Confusion” embodies all that makes grindcore and its related offshoots some of the most powerful forms of extreme music. In its essence, it is most dependent on and driven by its merciless attack. Indeed, on “Ways of Confusion,” there are no slow dirges, no mid-tempo reprieves, and no breakdowns. Instead, the assault-rifle-style velocity is only exacerbated by the precise starts and stops that punctuate each syncopated track. Meanwhile, the bass churns along at the same blistering pace as the drums, and the harsh electronic noise interspersed throughout creates a jolting, unsettling effect that blurs the line between extreme music and organized chaos. This maelstrom is even further accentuated by the agonizing vocals, which often alternate between or are counterpointed as high-pitched wails and low-frequency growls. For those who are willing and able to subject themselves to such atrocities in a live setting, Sissy Spacek has planned to tour both the U.S. in August and Japan in September, in celebration of its twentieth anniversary and in support of the album. For those who long for their own ruin but are unable or simply unwilling to undergo such a complete, self-imposed sentence of annihilation, “Ways of Confusion” will instead serve as the perfect intermediary solution.

500 copies pressed; 400 gold vinyl and 100 black vinyl.



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Sissy Spacek
Gilgongo Records

Widening their scope from recent grindcore on Nuclear War Now! Productions, Sissy Spacek’s Blear LP explores a much more dynamic and spacious approach to sound—an entropic vortex of full-room tear-up texture. Duo lineup of Charlie Mumma and John Wiese, released in an edition of 300. The group’s 8th release on Gilgongo Records.


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Sissy Spacek – Japan Tour Shirt + Expanding Antiverse CD+DVD

Sissy Spacek – Japan Tour Shirt

Sissy Spacek – Expanding Antiverse CD+DVD

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Sissy Spacek – Japan Tour 2018 –20th ANNIVERSARY–

• September 13th (Thu) Tokyo/Shibuya -Dommune

• September 14th (Fri) Fukuoka/Hakata -Utero
w/Hurricane Grind, Carcass Grinder

• September 15th (Sat) Osaka/Namba -Bears

• September 16th (Sun) Tokyo/Koiwa -Bushbash

• September 17th (Mon) Tokyo/Akihabara -Goodman
w/非常階段, MikaTen

• September 18th (Tue) Kanagawa/Yokohama -El Puente
w/Unconscious Disharmonic Mulfunction, POUR WRONGS and HIKO, JDOW and more

• September 20th (Thu) Nagoya/Imaike -HuckFinn

John Wiese – Solo Japan Tour 2018

• September 21st (Fri) Nagoya/Imaike -Valentine Drive

• September 22nd (Sat) Fukuoka – Artspace Tetra

• September 23rd (Sun) Tokyo/Ochiai – Soup

• September 27th (Thu) TBA

• September 28th (Fri) Kyoto/Sakyo – Soto/外

• September 29th (Sat) Osaka/Minamihorie – environment 0g [ zero-gauge ]
w/ OLAibi

• September 30th (Sun) Shizuoka/Shizuoka -Sougen/騒弦(仮)
w/ K2 and more

And more

2018.09.5 ONSALE!!!!!!

Sissy Spacek – Expanding Antiverse (CD+DVD)

01. Cacti
02. Machine Abstraction
03. Arrow
04. Turner
05. Hoping Off
06. War Bonnet
07. Pre-Approved
08. Scramble Suit
09. Bleached
10. Mk II
11. Coupling Type
12. Prize Closet/ 1
13. Three Listed Actions
14. Sympathectomy
15. Lane Splitting
16. Mixed Message
17. Handgun
18. BPHF
19. California Sleep
20. W.A.M.
21. Closed To Interpretation
22. Limit Cycle Attractor
23. Spalling
24. Spike
25. Unraveling
26. Alphabetic
27. Run-On Line
28. Rejet
29. Blind Take/ 1
30. Alliterative Verse
31. Blind Take/ 2
32. Time Of Waste
33. Asylum
34. Pineapple Fragmentation
35. Painted Red
36. Variant
37. Seeded Fruit
38. Closed Couplets
39. Prize Closet/ 2
Total Time: 34:56

Bonus DVD
01. Live At The Handbag Factory
02. Live At Human Rescources
03. Reh 2014
04. Mata Gallery
05. Stacking
06. Live At The Smell
07. Live In Oakland
08. Live At Berserktown
09. Live On WFMU
Total Time: 76:05

CULTURE discs&tapes

本作はUSA/LA発ブラー/グラインド・ユニット”Sissy Spacek”の結成20周年を記念し制作された33枚目のアルバムである。Nuclear War Now!からリリースされる新作と同時期に制作された本作はグラインドとノイズの最も強烈な要素を取り入れた意欲作。テープマニピュレート、ノイズなど実験的手法をふんだんに取り入れ、曲のメソッドとしてで無く音そのものでグラインドコアにアプローチするような激しい音塊と怒濤の展開はノイズグラインド/グラインドコアの可能性を更新し続けるバンド=Sissy Spacekの希有なオリジナリティを存分に示している。
DVDにはSara Taylor(Youth Code), Aaron Hemphill (Liars), Mike Dubose (Raw Nerves, Superbad)参加時のライヴフッテージやリハーサル、ギャラリーでの破壊パフォーマンス等様々な秘蔵映像を70分超収録。パフォーマンスアート”THE HATERS”を参照したJohn Wieseデザインによるアートワーク、紙ジャケゲートフォールド仕様。

Sissy Spacek:
1999年ロサンゼルスで結成されたブラー / グラインドユニット。実験音楽家John Wieseによって設立され、ノイズコア、コラージュ、テープミュージック、フリーインプロビゼーション、ラージスケール・アンサンブル、そしてそれ以外にも、様々な要素を取り入れながら、グラインドコアのバンドして多彩な音楽シーンを超えて活躍を続ける中、多くのメンバーたちが、何年間も経つ間に、バンドに加わり、そして去っていった。このバンドは、数多くのジャンルをまたぐ、そして数多くのメソッドを駆使した30枚以上のフルアルバムを、すでにリリースしている。
今回は2013年からの編成であるCharlie Mumma (ドラム、2008年よりボーカル) とJohn Wiese (ベース、エレクトロニクス、ボーカル)のデュオで、結成20周年を記念し初来日する。

About this Album:
This album has been recorded to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles blur/grindcore unit “Sissy Spacek”, as its 33rd release. This bold undertaking, including intense grind and noise elements, was recorded at the same time as the new album being released from Nuclear War Now! Productions. In a characteristic display of Sissy Spacek’s continuous original developments of the potential in noise-grind and grindcore music through raging waves of sound, this album generously implements tape manipulations, noise, and other experimental techniques, not as methodical features of the songs, but by using sound itself to approach grindcore.

The DVD includes over 70 minutes of rare footage, such as the live performance with Sara Taylor (Youth Code), Aaron Hemphill (Liars), Mike Dubose (Raw Nerves, Superbad), rehearsal, and a Destructive gallery performance. The gatefold disc cover includes artwork referencing the performaofnce art “The Haters” as designed by John Wiese.

Sissy Spacek:
A blur/grind unit formed in 1999 in Los Angeles. Established by experimental musician John Wiese, various members have entered and left the band throughout the years as it overlapped different scenes, considering itself a grindcore band while employing noisecore, collage, tape music, free improvisation, large-scale ensembles, and more. The band has already released more than 30 full albums, within different genres and methods.

During live performances, Sissy Spacek, in the last 10 years, has been an unrelenting hellish grindcore assault, while releasing a wide variety of genres in their records.
Since 2013, the band has been a duo with Charlie Mumma (drums, and vocals since 2008) and John Wiese (bass, electronics, vocals), and is coming to Japan for the first time to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

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Smegma の活動は、3 つにカテゴリー分けすることが出来ます。

その最初期形態、まだ LAFMS に合流する以前に発生し終焉を迎えてしまった Smegma を、今月 19 日の『LAFMS 塾』第 3 セッションで紹介しましょう。

これらは、1973 年 11 月から 1975 年 9 月まで存在した彼らの録音を含む作品群。これから出版されるものもあり、既発のものも全て所有している訳ではありませんが、データは揃えています。

本当にスポンティニアスなこの時期の Smegma、とても面白いとしか言えません。


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Crystal, MN

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August 28, 2018
Sediment Arts
Richmond, Virginia

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Sissy Spacek recording with Phil Blankenship, July 31, 2018. Photo by Charlie Mumma

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Sissy Spacek (Don Bolles, Mitchell Brown, Charlie Mumma, John Wiese) at Gnar Tapes, Los Angeles, California, July 30, 2018 for Don’s Birthday. Photo by Jill Shade

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FREE! MONDAY NIGHT! It’s The Don Bolles SEMI-SECRET GLAMBIENT BIRTHDAY PREQUEL! This one happens on my Actual Birthday (July 30th), in the back studio @ Gnar Tapes, 3436 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, right after Monday’s GLOSSOLALIA radio show (6-8PM on KXLU, Los Angeles & www.kxlu.com), and it’s gonna be a psychedelic / Glambient affair, with some of the premiere superstars of LA Glambient!

TELECAVES! What the Shangri Las would have been like, if they were actually Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram under that gigantic hair! Tripped out soundscapes of frightening beauty and cacodemoniacal noise, emanating directly from the brilliant alien brains of Juliette Amoroso and her associate, Elaine Carey!

SISSY SPACEK! John Wiese’s enduring and constantly mutating noise / glambience project, often a “noise-rock” band par excellence, this time a more subtle electro-acoustic experiment, involving SS co-conspirators Professor “Mitchell Brown” Cantaloupe and Don Bolles, along with Our Leader, Mr. Wiese, Himself!

NO-RA KEYES (& Heavy Friends)! No-Ra is, along w/ Birthday Kid Bolles, Lead singer and co-creator of LA’s Glambient Rock pioneers, FANCY SPACE PEOPLE (FSP are playing Tuesday night at Don’s other Birthday bash @ Highland Park Bowl!), and also a She-manic Psychedelic Warrior known for her insanely beautiful and unique sonic excursions into the unknown vistas of Fancy and regular Space-time, often performing live soundtracks to various beloved abstract films w different musicians helping her realize her strange and compelling instant compositions and songs from her vast catalogue of solo works. Think Bobb Trimble meets Tiny Tim, the Lady in the Radiator, and My Bloody Valentine in a quiet Rococo space garden, far, far away from everything that sucks.

Tho not “Officially” performing, Don and the Professor will be DJing in between all the things, spinning a tangled web of Glossolalia-style spacewarp soundscapes and Junkshop Glam / Bubblegum 45s, for your convenience and protection, of course!

GIANNA GIANNA! You don’t earn the nickname “Yoko Charro” by being normal or boring, and that’s only where Gianna Gianna starts! Where it ends up is waaaaaay out there, someplace only accessible thru attending one of Gianna’s explosive, inexplicable, and strangely satisfying performances!

The GNARTAPES dudes! They’ll all be there, too, fresh from their new Comedy Central TV show, to keep an eye on all of the miscreants partying in their recording studio and back yard, and to dispense the various refreshments etc. Rumor has it that there will be a special tea that will turn any drab, normal person into a real “fungi”… or as Mr. Spock would say, “Highly Mycological, Captain!” John Cage would heartily approve!

And don’t forget the more rockin’ FSP show/ birthday event Tuesday @ Highland Park Bowl (also FRREE!)

Monday, July 30 at 10 PM

Gnar Tapes
3436 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, California 90065

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