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FREE! MONDAY NIGHT! It’s The Don Bolles SEMI-SECRET GLAMBIENT BIRTHDAY PREQUEL! This one happens on my Actual Birthday (July 30th), in the back studio @ Gnar Tapes, 3436 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, right after Monday’s GLOSSOLALIA radio show (6-8PM on KXLU, Los Angeles & www.kxlu.com), and it’s gonna be a psychedelic / Glambient affair, with some of the premiere superstars of LA Glambient!

TELECAVES! What the Shangri Las would have been like, if they were actually Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram under that gigantic hair! Tripped out soundscapes of frightening beauty and cacodemoniacal noise, emanating directly from the brilliant alien brains of Juliette Amoroso and her associate, Elaine Carey!

SISSY SPACEK! John Wiese’s enduring and constantly mutating noise / glambience project, often a “noise-rock” band par excellence, this time a more subtle electro-acoustic experiment, involving SS co-conspirators Professor “Mitchell Brown” Cantaloupe and Don Bolles, along with Our Leader, Mr. Wiese, Himself!

NO-RA KEYES (& Heavy Friends)! No-Ra is, along w/ Birthday Kid Bolles, Lead singer and co-creator of LA’s Glambient Rock pioneers, FANCY SPACE PEOPLE (FSP are playing Tuesday night at Don’s other Birthday bash @ Highland Park Bowl!), and also a She-manic Psychedelic Warrior known for her insanely beautiful and unique sonic excursions into the unknown vistas of Fancy and regular Space-time, often performing live soundtracks to various beloved abstract films w different musicians helping her realize her strange and compelling instant compositions and songs from her vast catalogue of solo works. Think Bobb Trimble meets Tiny Tim, the Lady in the Radiator, and My Bloody Valentine in a quiet Rococo space garden, far, far away from everything that sucks.

Tho not “Officially” performing, Don and the Professor will be DJing in between all the things, spinning a tangled web of Glossolalia-style spacewarp soundscapes and Junkshop Glam / Bubblegum 45s, for your convenience and protection, of course!

GIANNA GIANNA! You don’t earn the nickname “Yoko Charro” by being normal or boring, and that’s only where Gianna Gianna starts! Where it ends up is waaaaaay out there, someplace only accessible thru attending one of Gianna’s explosive, inexplicable, and strangely satisfying performances!

The GNARTAPES dudes! They’ll all be there, too, fresh from their new Comedy Central TV show, to keep an eye on all of the miscreants partying in their recording studio and back yard, and to dispense the various refreshments etc. Rumor has it that there will be a special tea that will turn any drab, normal person into a real “fungi”… or as Mr. Spock would say, “Highly Mycological, Captain!” John Cage would heartily approve!

And don’t forget the more rockin’ FSP show/ birthday event Tuesday @ Highland Park Bowl (also FRREE!)

Monday, July 30 at 10 PM

Gnar Tapes
3436 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, California 90065

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