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Sissy Spacek “Mechanical Abstraction” CD (Helicopter)
Sissy Spacek “Threshold” CD (Helicopter)
White Gold “3” CD (Troniks)


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White Gold at Human Resources, Los Angeles, California, November 16, 2016

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Mata / Matt Lifson Book Release

Wednesday, November 16th, 8pm

In celebration of the release of two new books by Hesse Press: Matt Lifson “Sleep With Me And A Ghost” and Mata “No Drums No DJs No Saturdays”

Performances by:

(Phil Blankenship & John Wiese)

(Maria Garcia & Nial Morgan)



Paintings by Matt Lifson and Mata sculptures will be installed in the upstairs galleries. On view from 12pm, before the performances.

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Sissy Spacek – Harm CD
Phil Blankenship / Jesse Jackson / Charlie Mumma / Corydon Ronnau / John Wiese
A lo-fi garage clash recorded during preparation for the December 2011 Sissy Spacek tour. Thudding sick and black-souled vocal retch, thrashing violence turns to blistering white out. Recorded direct to tape and straight to hell at F-House. Professionally pressed cd in jewelcase, edition of 200. THE CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT IN UNEASY LISTENING

White Gold – White Gold CD
A Wiese / Blankenship maelstrom at MAXIMUM FUCKING PRESSURE. Over 40 minutes of new harsh electronics from the duo behind LHD. A white hot sheet of deafening sound recorded August 2011. Professionally pressed cd in jewelcase, edition of 150.

Phil Blankenship – Sex Magik CD
A legacy-destroying new low. A single session spoken word interpretation of the complete lyrics to the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s landmark album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. All audio stumbles, mispronunciation and apartment squeal preserved. Professionally pressed cd in full color digipak, edition of 100.

//Still Hot//

Phil Blankenship – Criminally Insane CD
A female psychopath is prematurely released from an asylum for the criminally insane. What little is left of her mind soon gives way, as her gluttonous appetite for food is shockingly equalled by her appetite for blood!… A “must” for horror fans! Note: this is not a noise record, it’s a fear document. Co-produced by Saxon Gregory Productions straight from VHS. Professionally pressed cd in full color digipak, edition of 150.

Phil Blankenship & David Reed – Rhinestone CD
A 2007 Camp Blood live grumble located somewhere between Midwestern heavy bummer (David Reed of Luasa Raelon / Envenomist) and West Coast bad attitude (Phil Blankenship of The Cherry Point / LHD). 29:24, no overdub, no edit, no joy. Originally intended for lp release before being rejected as “TOO MUCH,” it has now escaped as a professionally pressed cd in full color digipak, edition of 175.

PayPal to cherrypoint [at] sbcglobal [dot] net


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Traumatic Stress 7-inch (Helicopter)

A Compilation Featuring:
Phil Blankenship, Corydon Ronnau, John Wiese, Phil Blankenship & Corydon Ronnau, Phil Blankenship & John Wiese, Corydon Ronnau & John Wiese, and Phil Blankenship, Corydon Ronnau & John Wiese.

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