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Closing of The Third Ear, FOCA, Los Angeles, July 15, 2014

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Third Ear Performance and Publication Release

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Opening of The Third Ear at FOCA, Los Angeles, CA, May 17, 2014

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The Third Ear
Opens Saturday May 17, 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition runs thru July 18, 2014

Fellows of Contemporary Art
970 N. Broadway, Suite 208
Los Angeles, CA 90012

FOCA’s Exhibition Space is open Tuesdays thru Fridays from 10 am – 5 pm

In the same way that the “third eye” is a metaphor for a real or imagined sensory organ that perceives less tangible matter, conceivably, the “third ear” also perceives a realm located somewhere beyond what can be immediately verified.

Human sensory perception registers just a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) as sound and light. All sound and light, even matter vibrates and has a specific resonant frequency. The human ear perceives sound at waveforms between 20 and 20k Hz while light and color resonate at much higher frequencies. Still, there are a whole range of EMS frequencies that exist beyond the capabilities of our sensory organs. It is here that one could envision the third ear functioning – in a range somewhere between sound and light, between the audible and the visible.

The Third Ear exhibition invites five Los Angeles Based artists working with visual approaches to sound to participate in an exhibition that investigates the aural in contemporary visual art. Inspired by a subtitle to a recording by artist and composer Maryanne Amacher, The Third Ear explores the space between sound and visual cognition through contemporary sound art practices in Los Angeles.

Organized by artist and independent curator Chiara Giovando, The Third Ear includes works by Jules Gimbrone, Chiara Giovando, Mette Hersoug, Alison O’Daniel and John Wiese.


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