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John Wiese
Camouflage Body b/w Living Image 7-inch
Difficult Interactions


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Drew Daniel/John Wiese
Through Mazes Running LP
Difficult Interactions
Releases February 17, 2023

The second collaborative album by Drew Daniel (Matmos, The Soft Pink Truth) and John Wiese (Sissy Spacek), “Through Mazes Running” builds turbulent complexity from a real time cage match of no-holds-barred signal processing. Cross-multiplying tape manipulation and software, each processing the other into a writhing feedback loop, creating a volatile ouroboros of sound.

Cut at 45 RPM for maximum fidelity.

*Tip-on jackets (also known as old-style jackets) are individually glued and paper-wrapped by hand, making them much slower and more costly to produce. Although they are professionally manufactured, each jacket is unique and some minor handmade qualities are normal with this premium type of jacket.


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