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Sissy Spacek – Lead Their Exit review:

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Sissy Spacek “Lead Their Exit” 7-inch review:

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Sissy Spacek
July 11, 2014
Live at DEM Passwords
5413 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016
Doors 8pm, $5

Record release show for the “Lead Their Exit” 7-inch on Dais Records.

*Please note that DEM Passwords has moved locations!


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Sissy Spacek–Lead Their Exit 7-inch now available for pre-order from Dais Records. Out June 24th.

On Xmas day in 1999, the channels of the noise canon received a new entry into its ranks by the name of Sissy Spacek. 15 years later, the outfit, held together by core members John Wiese & Charlie Mumma, has left a littered trail of damaged recordings and countless performances in its wake. Known for it’s cult output and conceptual performances—each idea folding over the last to create havoc in the way that most would care to avoid, Sissy Spacek takes this all head on. Their newest 7-inch shows the band exploring song-based material (see also their live shows), employing it’s newest member Sara Taylor to provide vocal accompaniment to their special brand of furious destruction. To those familiar with their previous works on PPM, Chondritic Sound, Gilgongo or Wiese’s own Helicopter imprint, one will instantly welcome their signature hybrid of grindcore blasts and avant-garde sensibility and remain captured by the band’s semblance of leftfield song writing.

Limited to 300 copies.

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